Joe Gersh & Linda Scott at The Sydney Institute on “Housing Affordability – What is to be done?”

Housing affordability is a challenge that is rightly preoccupying us all at the moment, as Australians struggle with rising house prices and rapidly escalating rents. 

At The Sydney Institute on Tuesday night, I offered my perspective on how to address the issue.   

I argued that governments which are looking to address this crisis must first recognise the extent to which they are part of the problem. There are many ways they can facilitate an increase in housing supply.

I also challenged the idea that we need to lower immigration to deal with the undersupply of housing; I described it as “shrinking the solution to fit the problem”. Australia has overcome greater challenges in the past. And with determination, co-operation and innovation we will overcome this one too.

You can watch my talk alongside Sydney City Councillor Linda Scott here.